About Us


Indigo Bleu is a women’s clothing and accessories boutique located in downtown York, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to present the latest fashion that celebrates your individuality at prices that won’t break the bank. Merchandise is always changing; therefore everything you find at Indigo Bleu is uniquely yours. Indigo Bleu is aimed to channel a woman’s confidence, individuality and creativity; yet not at the expense of quality and affordability.

We carry designer lines that hold both a bohemian and contemporary feel. The handpicked merchandise is free-spirited, casual and whimsical. Indigo Bleu aspires to create fashion that is authentically stylish yet iconic.

Owner, Zarah Brooks, a York College of Pennsylvania graduate and local York native, had a passion for finding unique clothing. From Portland to Brooklyn, Zarah was captivated by budding fashion trends and design. Zarah strives to bring this culture to the York area and provide a unique collection based on her own personal style.

The name, Indigo Bleu implies a sense of calmness and serenity. The color blue is closely associated with harmony, faithfulness, and confidence. It evokes memories of blue skies, oceans and precious stones. Zarah’s love for turquoise jewelry and the western culture vibe is centered around the name Indigo Bleu. Every piece of turquoise one picks up is little different depending on cut, color and location. “I’ve always enjoyed having clothes that are a little offbeat and Indigo Bleu does just that,” said Zarah.

Come to Indigo Bleu where chic meets tranquility. We’ve worked diligently to build a space that inspires calm creativity. Let Indigo Bleu be your guide to help express who you are.